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Pinterest Gardener's Cottage, Blakeney, Norfolk

Holt is a lovely Georgian town to visit near Blakeney North Norfolk

The bustling Georgian town of Holt is lovely even in winter-although not usually as quiet as shown in these pictures below, taken following exceptionally heavy snowfall.
Snow in Holt

Snow in Holt

5 minutes from Blakeney

The lovely Georgian town of Holt is about 5 miles from Blakeney, and is ideal for a shopping trip and lunch in one of its many tearooms and restaurants. Holt has a lovely eclectic selection of gift shops, antiques shops, vintage shops, curio shops, clothes shops as well as a wonderful old fashioned department store Bakers and Larners whose fabulous food hall reminds me of a smaller version of Harrods.

Holt shops

Holt is famous as an Antique and Vintage shopping destination but there is also an excellent book shop, chemist, library, numerous estate agents, several charity shops, a supermarket, a 'paint a pot' shop and a wonderful newsagents called Starlings with a toy department that never fails to satisfy my youngest child
Holt Christmas Lights

Holt Christmas Lights

Festive Illuminations

At Christmas Holt looks particularly festive, as the town centre is festooned with twinkly fairy lights. I cant think of many places | would rather do my Christmas shopping followed by afternoon tea in one of the many pretty tearooms.
snow 2
snow 3
snow 5
snow 7

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